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This website is operated by Clever Idiots Inc., the official North American distributor of p+g design products.  If you are outside of North America, you may find a distributor closer to your region.  Please click here to find out.

Beware of poor quality imitations.

p+g design Holiday Sale
Up to 40% off selected items for orders over $300

Any order of $300.00 or more placed December 8th through December 15th is eligible for this special offer. Offer not valid on any order placed prior to December 8th, 2012. All product shipping charges are billed separately.

Minimum Order: $200.00 (per delivery point)
Minimum Reorder: $100.00 (per delivery point)
Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice.
Shipping: All merchandise shipped FOB.

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You can place an order online using this shopping cart. If you would like to fax us an order, please fill out this order form and send to (213) 402-5605.

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